Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Welcome to Divine No.7!

Welcome to Divine No.7, my beauty and fashion blog.

My name is Kaylee, I'm from Canada Ontario, and I created Divine No.7 as a way to communicate to the world my passion for all things beautiful. I intend to make this website a place for modern women to discover new and interesting information, such as beauty techniques, new fashion brands, and revolutionary products. Divine No.7 also includes other aspects, such as a food page where you can discover fresh new recipes, as well as an advice section where you can read up on important tips and tricks for your everyday life. In the future I will be adding a music page to introduce you to incredible new artists and songs, as well as a gadgets and architecture page.

Divine No.7 will be ever changing, and would greatly benefit from any and all comments/advice from it's readers. If you feel so inclined, please leave a comment on this post suggesting to me anything you see fit for change or alteration in order to benefit the blog.

Love & Thanks,

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