Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Beauty | butterLONDON's Sweetie Shop Nail Laquer Spring 2013 Collection

butterLONDON has released their new Spring 2013 nail laquer collection, which features six high-quality, colorful polishes. Clearly inspired by easter-esque pastels, this collection keeps it shimmer and glitter free while still making a statement with their beautiful color choices.

Each nail polish retails for a whopping 17$ each, but I promise you that even indulging in just one of these will be incredibly worth it (This polish lasts between 10-15 days max on the nails; absolutely incredible). This nail polish brand is also non toxic, which can be important for those mindful of their health.

Order the collection or single polishes here at

In sequence with slide, polish names from right to left:
Jasper, Kerfuffle, Fiver, Fruit Machine, Molly Coddled, Cuppa

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