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Beauty | Make-up For Girls Who Aren't That Into Beauty - A Full Guide For Beginners

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Beauty is an art that can only be mastered with experience, and all of us have to start somewhere! This guide is meant for the all around make-up beginner, and can especially help those of you who fear looking messy or overdone. All of these products have been hand-selected specifically for the beauty rookie, and I will be giving you descriptions and instructions on everything you see above. Good luck!

1) The first product we see above is called a Primer. Primers are usually a gel or cream-like substance, meant to be the first step in your make-up routine, and help your makeup stay on for longer. These products will also help to smooth out the overall texture of your skin, control oil, as well as fill in your pores. Primers are perfect for the 100% beginner in beauty since they apply to the skin completely clear! This one here I have listed is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, and is one of my favorites!

2) The next product here is a BB cream. The 'BB' stands for either 'beauty' or 'blemish', and is basically a tinted moisture (a face moisturizer with color inside in order to hide the appearance of redness or any other imperfections on the skin). This product is not like a foundation since it is extremely sheer and light, so it's perfect for those a little hesitant towards a full-on face of make-up! BB creams are also great since they can be blended in with the fingers, so you don't need to purchase any brushes or applicator tools. This one I have included is Garnier's Skin Renew BB cream, and can be purchased at the drug store for a couple of dollars.

3) Next up is a liquid foundation. Foundation is a product that essentially covers the skin up with color that matches your own, in order to eliminate redness and any imperfections. This Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation is the ultimate in sheer coverage, so it will not overwhelm a fresh face! This product is also very gentle on the skin, since it contains rosewater extract (it also smells lovely, so none of that 'make-up' smell!). When applying foundation, put a little bit on the back of your hand, and then smooth it on your whole face with your fingertips. Don't forget to blend down your neck.

4) The next product is an alternative to the Chanel liquid foundation. This product is similar to the Chanel foundation in the sense that it is still very sheer and blend-able, only it is much more affordable and can be found at the drugstore. If this is your very first experience with foundation, I recommend trying out things from the drugstore first!

5) This next product is a pressed powder foundation. This product, like the foundations above, cover up redness in the skin; only this one is more suitable for oily skin. If you experience slickness on your face often and would like to neutralize it, this is the perfect product (and is used by professional make-up artists!). To use it, take the powder puff that was included in the package (If you did not get one, that's okay! Using a cotton puff or cotton pad works just the same!) rub your tool around in the product, and apply on your whole face in a patting motion. Make sure to blend down your neck to avoid any harsh lines. The product I have included in this slideshow is the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, since it is a very popular product in the beauty community.

6) Next up is a product called concealer. Concealer is meant to cover up intensely discolored areas on the face, such as pimples, age spots, very red areas of the face (such as around the nose), and under-eye circles. This product differs from foundation since it is much more opaque, and is meant to only be used on very small areas of the face. The product I have recommended is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Spot Concealer, but can be used for all of the problem areas I have listen above. The sponge-tip applicator is perfect for newbies since you don't have to use a brush. To use, pat on your problems areas, and then blend into your face with your fingers.

7), 8) and 9) The next couple of products will be for your eyes, and they are called eye shadows. If you are unfamiliar with eye shadow, it is basically a colored-powder that is applied on your eyelid made to accentuate your eyes. To start off, look for an eye shadow that is close to your natural skin tone, but with some shimmer in it. This way, we can apply the product with our fingers to the eyelid and it will not create any harsh edges, but will still leave us with an opalescent, beautiful looking glow to our eyes. Be sure to blend out any edges you do encounter with a clean finger. Number 8 is Annabelle's Eye Shadow trio in Creme Caramel, number 9 is Maybelline's Expert Wear Eye Shadow quad in Time for Wine, and number 9 is Physicians Formula Eye Shadow trio in Baked Oatmeal.

10) The next product is liquid eye liner (If you are 100% new to make-up, please skip this product- if not or you want to start exploring, keep reading!). Eye liner is a product that is meant to enhance your lash line and make it look darker and thicker. The product I have listed above is Maybelline's Line Stiletto, and is incredibly easy to work with; it is very black, it stays on all day, it does not smudge, the applicator is very easy to use, and it can be washed off with water instantly if you mess up. This last fact was great for me when I was just starting out! To use, make a very thin line from your inner corner to your outer corner, staying as close to the lash line as possible, working in small sections. This product takes a little bit of time to master, but makes all the difference in your look!

11) The next two products are mascara. Mascara is a cream-like, dark product that is applied with a brush to your eyelashes in order to make them look thicker, fuller, and longer. Most of us have been familiarized with mascara, but if you haven't been, there's no need to fear! This first product, L'oreal Telescopic Mascara, is perfect for those of us who have small, short, or dainty lashes. The brush is suited for smaller eyes/eyelashes, and won't be too intrusive. To apply, unscrew the top and lightly brush your eyelashes with the comb. As you get better at this, you will be able to build it up more and get a feel for your look. This product is not waterproof, and can be washed off in the shower with your regular face wash.

12) This is also a mascara, but meant for those of us with larger lashes. This product fulfills the same purpose as above, but is meant for those of us with longer, thicker, and fuller lashes like myself. Specifically, the brush on this product is great for dealing with our crazy lashes and can get them under control instantly. Similar to above, this can be washed off in the shower with face wash and a little warm water. This product is the Covergirl LashBlast Mascara, and has been my ultimate favorite for years.

13) The last three product I have listed are lip products, this one specifically is a tinted lip balm. These products (The colorful BabyLips) are tinted lip balms. They are incredibly sheer and only give off a little bit of color, and are perfect for those of us new to lip products. Just smooth on like a regular lip balm and your good to go.

14) Next is a sheer lipstick. Now, don't be frightened by the word lipstick (A cream-like substance meant to color the lips in order to add interest to the face); this one by Maybelline (Color Whispers Collection) is ultra sheer and offers just an ounce more color than the tinted lip balm above. Glide these on slowly, making sure to cover all areas of your lips. In case you are still a little bit hesitant, you can also apply this by rubbing your finger into the tube, and smoothing it on like this; it offers a softer, less harsh look.

15) Lastly, here is a tinted lip balm for those of us with severely dry lips, and who think we cannot wear color on our lips even if we tried. This Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm product is perfect for those of us with chronically chapped lips. It offers a hint of color similar to 13, but with the help of a seriously moisturizing formula. Smooth on carefree like the lip balm in 13, above.

This is the end of my make-up guide for those of us who aren't that into beauty! I honestly hope that I could spark your interest and curb your hesitation towards make-up, because it honestly is an incredibly fun world to experiment in!

This guide was originally written by Divine No.7, and all of the information included is from myself, minus the pictures of course. Thank you so much for reading!

Pictures found on Google's Images.


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    Great list of products!

  2. The whispers lippies are to die for I have 2.