Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fashion | How To Be Fashionable Without Breaking The Bank

The price of fashion can often be daunting, especially if you're a saver or need to keep a tight budget. I know a lot of girls who would like to be a trendsetter, but just can't afford to. In this article, I'm going to give you a couple of tips to help you overcome your financial hurdles and get you on your way to being that on-trend woman I know you are.

1) Buy your 'basics' at a reasonable price. Don't think that in order to be fashionable, everything needs to be brand name- This is just not the case, and will only leave you with a gaping hole in your pocket. Instead of going out and purchasing a $90 brand name T-Shirt from who knows where, just head over to Walmart or Target. You can get a T-Shirt there for around 5 dollars, and unless people are physically looking at the inside of your shirt, no one will know. This applies to all basics for your wardrobe, including undershirts, tanks, T-Shirts, and sometimes jeans and cardigans. This will save you a MASSIVE amount of money, without anyone knowing the difference! This first tip should have you consume approximately 50% of your wardrobe.

2) Buy your more versatile 'designer' pieces at places that discount brands, such as Winners. Trust me, it will be SO much cheaper, and if it is a basic you're looking for, stores like this will definitely have it. Getting the rest of your jeans, cardigans, and even some dresses will be a huge score on budget. This tip should consume roughly 25-30% of your wardrobe!

FYI: It's an uncommon fact, but usually clothing factories mass produce one article of clothing, and then ship it off to other factories in order to be marked with the brand's logo. That's right... That Guess tank you are wearing might also be sold from cheaper retailers under a different brand's name. Cool right? Now you know!

3) Allow yourself to buy into trends! Yes, I'm saying it; Peplums? Get one! High-Low dresses? Go for it! Just make sure that you stick to only one or two trends per season; if you buy into all of them, you'll regret it later on. Also, try waiting a couple of weeks after all of the runway shows- the brand name designers will be on top of the trends, but after a little bit of time passes the smaller stores will be getting the same styles in too, but for way less. Trends should only consume about 10-15% of your wardrobe, so try not to overdo it!

4) Every now and again, buy yourself a full-price new arrival from a brand name store. This includes shoes, belts, scarves, and purses. The best part? Pairing it with everything above will make your entire outfit look instantly more expensive. Full price designer articles take up the remaining 15-5% of your wardrobe.

I hope this guide has helped you afford fashion! Good luck to anyone trying this out, and if you would like, let me know how it worked! This guide was originally written by Divine No.7, and has no other outside website contributors.

Luck & Love,

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