Friday, 1 March 2013

Fashion | OAK: High Fashion Statement Pieces For The Bold Woman

OAK, while also very wearable, has some of the most beautiful and incredibly bold fashion statement pieces. Each piece has the ability to make an outfit it is paired with into a intensely high-fashion, creative and unique outfit. The more casual pieces here can be great introductory items for people interesting in becoming more bold; the more fierce pieces are perfect for those already-established as a trend setter, and for those who want to up the ante in their wardrobe

1. Extended Gunflap Blouse Teak - OAK
2. Studded Wedge - A.OK
3. Women's Silver Rider Short - OAK
4. Overdye Parka Army - Harmon
5. Studded Lace Up Heel - A.OK
6. Lucite Square/Brass Necklace - Santiago Casanova
7. Front Chain Link Blouse Black - OAK
8. Rock Twist Cut Out Wedge Sandal - Jefrey Campbell
9. Karate Pant Black - OAK

Visit OAK's website and find these pieces here.

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