Friday, 26 April 2013

Advice | Why Do We Never Have Enough?

A few hours ago, I was flipping through the pages of ELLE Canada when I came across an article titled "Something To Whine About", which spoke about how this generation is becoming obsessed with whining and self-pity. This really spoke to me since a frightening amount of my time goes to witnessing and sometimes dealing with other peoples' complaints.

Personally, I believe that being humble and thankful is a trait that is universally respectable. When we whine and complain about everything that doesn't go our way, we are demeaning our own incredible lives as well as insulting others that are worse off than ourselves. I have noted that more often than not, the ones that whine the most are the ones that should be most thankful.

The whole purpose of this blog post is to snap you out of you're daily life for a moment and take a second to reflect on all of the luxuries you have in your life, such as hot water, food, a bed, and so on. Also be thankful for all of the conveniences we are so lucky to have, such as cell phones, the internet, cars, and anything and everything else. We all need to remember that these things can be taken away from us in a split second- nothing in life is promised! The most sought after and cherished thing in life is friendship and love. Please keep this in mind when your hair straightener breaks and you will 'die' if you need to go out so deprived.

I hope you all are thankful for everything you have, truly! Being humble and thankful gives a very attractive aspect to ones life. Thank-you for reading!

Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater


  1. First world problems :)

  2. People mistake their good fortune at being born in a wealthy country with being deserving of more. They need to look at the world outside their own lives. I agree, count your blessings everyday, help those you can help, and care about those you can't.