Sunday, 28 April 2013

Advice | The Wonders Of Blogging

Birthdays come but once a year, and today is the day I get to celebrate mine! I thought I could celebrate by creating a post to express my passions about blogging, since this entire year has been a great success for my blog and has made my life so amazing.

My whole life I have loved the feeling of a glossy, fresh-smelling magazine in my hands. The mystery of its contents and the promising titles on the front always made me giddy with excitement. I would savor each page of beauty and fashion advice by reading only a few pages a day. By the end of the month I would be just finishing up, and then a new edition would be on its way.

The love of magazines brought me to the idea of creating my own space to express all the things I had learned over the years. I would always get unexpected ideas for a solution to a beauty problem, and wish my friends would savor the advice as much as I would. So after a few failed attempts at a perfect website, I came up with the idea of Divine No.7.

At first, I wanted this space to be everything I loved about my magazine experiences; I wanted it to of course have a beauty and fashion section, but I also wanted it to incorporate foods, exercise, music, gadgets, advice, and much, much more! After blogging for a few weeks, I could tell it wasn't working out so well. I was being spread pretty thin over all my categories and realized managing a magazine took much more than one person.

After this thought, I cut back to just beauty and fashion and watched my views climb. The feeling of creating a new blog post- of going from a fleeting idea to a solid, supported article- is something that I know will never get old for me. I never thought that I could put my love of writing, beauty, photography, and self-help into one affordable and accessible space. Divine No.7 was truly a blessing for me!

One day, I aspire to run my own magazine-like company. I want to be able to give girls a safe and informative place to go in order to learn their beauty and fashion advice, as well as helpful tips in other areas as well. Until then, blogging will always be my thing!

Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater


  1. As good as your writing is, and it is very good, I really appreciate your photography. The original photos that you use are always very well framed and shot. Blogging certainly is your thing!

    1. Photography really helps me to solidify the message in my writing. Thanks so much for posting such a nice comment!