Monday, 1 April 2013

Beauty | Discover Your Age-Related Skin Issues BEFORE They Happen!

As we get older, it is inevitable that our appearance will start to change and we will gain characteristics such as wrinkles, bags, age spots, and so on (unless your William Shatner, obviously). Although depending on your genetics and your make-up, all of us will experience these characteristics in different dosages. In order to discover what you could potentially look like when you age, looking at relatives older than you is a really interesting trick to "look into the future"; look particularly at those in your family that you resemble the most. Personally I greatly resemble my mother, so it is a greater chance that I will experience all of the age related beauty issues she has gained over the past few years (sorry mom!).

Once you have determined the one in your family you resemble the most, you know exactly what you need to prevent in the years to come. If you have noticed prominent under-eye bags in this person, it would be a great idea to go out and invest most of your skincare budget into an eye cream  If wrinkles are the culprit, you should invest in a great all-over face cream. You get the idea! Also, talking to this person would be a great idea as well; discovering the contributing factors you can prevent will definitely help you stay looking youthful. For example, maybe your Aunt was out in the sun a lot, and this was a huge factor in contributing to her wrinkles. Now you know you should wear a higher SPF and a hat on sunnier days!

I hope this post has helped you look into the future and discover the things you should be doing for your skin!

Luck & Love,

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