Thursday, 23 May 2013

Beauty | 7 Steps In Getting A Safe Yet Beautiful Suntan

Every Westernized woman can appreciate a golden glow, but not everyone loves the health concerns that come along with it. In reality, no tan can be 100% safe, but in this article I will be showing you the absolute safest route to take when trying to get a sun tan. To minimize all sun damage when it comes to your skin, wear a SPF 30+ sunscreen every day.

1. Exfoliate before you start tanning. Exfoliating your body will allow the dead skin cells to be sloughed off, which leaves you with a perfect canvas for a tan. If you skip this step and tan on un-exfoliated skin, the colour you do manage to acquire will fade much more quickly since the dead skin cells will already be wearing away.

2. Moisturize well. In order to enhance your canvas even further and prolong the life of your colour, make sure to moisturize before you start. Tanning on dry skin will wear out the skin cells prematurely, which will result in a shorter time you get to enjoy your colour.

3. Aim to tan gradually by wearing a low SPF sunscreen or tanning cream. Although it can be tempting to buy into the tanning oils, it really isn't safe for your skin to be literally frying under the heat. Opting for a lower SPF sunscreen or tanning lotion (say SPF 5-10) is a lot more gentle on your skin, while still giving you a nice touch of colour.

4. Only expose your skin for 15-30 minutes at a time. It will also seem tempting to lay out in the sun for even an hour on each side, but this will also be harmful to your skin. We do not want wrinkles! In order to get a moderate amount of sun without overdoing, opt for somewhere between 15-30 minutes per side. Keep in mind that the UV index can fluctuate depending on the day, so you may even have to reduce this time if the index is high.

Quick Tip! Be sure to stay hydrated throughout your tanning experiences, as proper hydration is not only key to good health, but also great skin. Sunglasses and a hat are not a bad idea either!

5. Bring it in - time to treat your skin! Even just a short time outside can make your skin feel warm and sensitive, so treat your skin accordingly with some aloe vera. This plant is commonly known to soothe sun-exposed skin, and helps to cool and relax the area. If you end up with a sunburn, make sure you learn from it; next time, cut your sun exposure time in half and up your SPF! If you do have a sunburn, be sure to apply aloe vera as much as needed. Whole milk is also great for soothing and reducing redness in a sunburn, so create a compress by soaking a soft facecloth in milk and applying to the area for 5-10 minutes.

6. Moisturize every day in order to stretch the life of your tan. Moisturizing is a key ingredient in keeping your tan. Choose a cream that has key nutrients for skin such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A; looking for a product with Aloe Vera Extract in it will also help you kill two birds with one stone. Be sure NOT to exfoliate your skin unless you are trying to remove your suntan.

7. Try not to tan all of the time. Although this is not a direct tip in helping you get a tan, it is an honest piece of advice to help you be safe. Tanning all the time can really increase your chances for melanoma, and no one wants to go down that road. Please enjoy your UVA and UVB rays responsibly!

Good luck everyone!

Kaylee Slater,
Divine No.7

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