Thursday, 11 April 2013

Beauty | Nail Chemistry Vegan Nail Varnishes

Two days ago I received these polishes in the mail from Jennifer at Nail Chemistry, and I was really excited! The colors she was kind enough to send me were Girl Talk in pink, Green Lotus in green, and Wildberry in blue. As you can see, they translate very well on camera! Girl Talk and Wildberry were more an opalescent finish, and Green Lotus was more of a gloss finish.

Nail Chemistry is a vegan nail varnish brand created by Jennifer Christine, who wanted to create a healthy alternative to the harsh chemicals in most nail polishes in order to help keep her and her baby safe. She also wanted to make these varnishes affordable yet trendy for the working woman, so each varnish retails for $6.50 per bottle. I think the inspiration for this brand is honest, genuine, and humble, which is why I chose to work with her!

When I was trying out these polishes, I noticed the consistency was pigmented yet thin; a quality that is very rare to find in a varnish. This means that it will only take about 2 coats to get opaque color, yet the bottle won't dry out quickly and get wasted. I also noticed that the brush itself was smaller that usual, and immensely reduced the possibility for mistakes. Painting on 2 coats, plus a base and topcoat, this nail varnish dried in an average amount of time.

Overall, I am really impressed with Nail Chemistry. Their focus is correct, the quality of their product is exceptional, and the price is right. I would be delighted to be able to work with this company in the future, and wish them the best of luck on their endeavors!

You can contact Jennifer Christine through her E-mail address in order to purchase these products. You can also visit her Facebook page at and her Twitter at

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