Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fashion | Priority Packing For Small Purses

I recently received a new crossbody bag as a present from my aunt, and I was pretty excited; until I realized I had to purge the pounds of useless junk I had from my old purse and transfer only my necessities into my new one. This was a pretty tragic realization for me, since I am the girl who keeps everything PLUS the kitchen sink on her, just in case.

Throughout this whole process, I discovered a few tips that would definitely benefit those having the same experiences. These tips include purging, organizing, and prioritizing based on your daily needs. I also thought that since many girls are into the "What's in my bag" tag videos, this would be a cool article for them to check out as well!

Step One: Purging all the unnecessary junk from your old purse. If you're anything at all like me, this process will be painful and tedious! I decided to go for the yes-and-no pile technique, which worked out alright. The best mindset for this is to think 'daily needs' and 'necessities' rather than 'what if' and 'just in case'. Also keep in mind that the smaller the item, the more room for more stuff (I went out and purchased minis of the stuff I did want to keep, like hand cream, etc.).

Step Two: Organizing your items for maximum space and convenience. Since I was working with such a small space (my crossbody only has one open area, no pockets) it was vital for me to group similar items by using a few small pouches. This way, I wouldn't be having to constantly be digging around or emptying my purse in public for one item. I have three main compartments, these being my wallet, my cosmetics pouch, and my hygiene pouch. In my cosmetics pouch I usually keep ~3 products based on my daily needs- this usually entails two lip products and one hand cream. In my hygiene pouch I keep feminine hygiene products as well as a miniature toothbrush and toothpaste (in case I stay over at a friends and don't have time to pack). This hygiene pouch was my only 'just in case' pouch, and I believe it has a legitimate excuse!

Step Three: Prioritizing which pouches go where. This step seems pretty self explanatory, but trust me, you don't want to be unpacking your entire purse to get to your wallet three or four times in a day. Keeping the most frequently used pouches at the top will make life much easier. For me, this is my wallet and cosmetics pouch. Tip: If you want to look like a pro and get exactly what you need from your bag without even looking, I suggest getting pouches with different textures. It seems like a very small detail, but this REALLY helps me when I'm in a hurry!

A few extra things I like to keep in my purse is a small container of Tylenol/Gravol, as well as a pen, a flashlight, and a miniature hand sanitizer from B&BW. That's just about it! I hope everyone found this article helpful, whether you need to repack a smaller purse or wanted to see what was inside my cross body! Thanks everyone for reading.

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