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The Girls Night Out Pocket-Bible | The Skincare Edition!

Going out with your girls is one of the most exciting luxuries in life. Getting ready is also half the fun! In order to help you get prepared for your night out, I have constructed The Girls Night Out Pocket Bible in order to provide you tips, tricks and recommendations on all of the thing you should know in order to help you look your best. In this article, I have completed the Skincare Edition; everything you need to know about skincare to get you ready for your night out!

This edition is especially important since glowy, radiant skin is not only enviable to fellow females, but it is insanely attractive to the opposite sex as well.


Exfoliating is an incredibly overpriced luxury in today's skincare market, although it is probably one of the most essential tools in order to have improved skin. You can get the same results as an expensive body scrub if you create the following recipes below, using ingredients right from your kitchen. Trust me, your body will be glowing from the inside out after this!  This exfoliation recipe will also help your skin glow under candlelight, which is perfect if you are going to be going to a more formal event. This recipe is suitable for all skin types.

Gentle and Nourishing Exfoliation Recipe:

White Granulated Sugar
Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, etc.)
A Few Drops Essential Oils (optional)

To create this body scrub, combine 2 parts of sugar to one part your choice of oil. Add essential oils, and modify the consistency until it feels sticky and thick (not too runny, and not too crumby!). When you're ready, step into the shower or tub and scrub this all over your body. Afterwards, turn on the shower for a couple of seconds to quickly rinse all of the scrub off.

What I like to do after I apply my body scrub is do a quick face mask. Facial masks are vital to the condition of your skin, and it will definitely help you look your best on your outing. I usually separate the yolk from the white of an egg, beat each separately (I beat the egg white until bubbly, and the yolk until smooth) and then apply each to my face separately, starting with the whites. The whites will tighten your pores and help clear up your blemishes, and the yolk will help to moisturize your skin naturally. I leave these on until they dry, and then rinse. My face is always INCREDIBLY soft afterwards. This mask will help reduce the amount of make-up you need to apply by improving the condition of your skin.

After I use the scrub and face mask, my skin always feels supple and silky; perfect for a night out! I usually like to hydrate my body from the mechanical exfoliation further with a nice hot milk bath. Cleopatra was notorious for her goat milk baths back when she ruled over Egypt, and these helped her acquire glowing, beautiful skin (she was also notorious for her many love affairs with other major rulers, so her beauty tips are definitely trustworthy!). Although, instead of using goat milk like Cleopatra, using cows milk is a more affordable and convenient option! To note: just using milk in your bath is perfectly fine, but through trial and error, the ingredients below will definitely enhance the recipe overall. I have used it many times myself!

Luxurious Cleopatra Milk Bath Recipe:

2 cups of milk, any percentage
2 full heads of rose petals
1/3 cup rosewater
1/3 cup epsom salts
a few drops of essential oils

When your water is running for your bath, all you need to do is add your milk, rosewater, epsom salts and essential oils to the stream. Once your bath is ready and the water is off, simply sprinkle your rose petals in the water and your done! This bath is beyond relaxing, and makes me feel incredibly luxurious and pampered.

To finish my skincare preparations, I usually lather my entire body in a hydrating body cream. I highly recommend the Bath & Body Works body lotions since they come in a variety of scents; anyone can find one they fancy!

Also, don't forget to apply your facial moisturizer for when we go to apply our make-up. I have really been loving the Neutrogena Oil-free facial moisturizer since it helps me keep the blackheads away.

This wraps up my skincare guide! Please stay tuned for the Beauty Edition, where I talk about make-up and hair-care suited for a night out! Thanks so much everyone. Feel free to leave a comment!

Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater

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