Sunday, 14 April 2013

Fashion | When Animal Hair Drives You Wild

The loving bond between a pet and it's owner cannot be compromised; and neither can the hair it leaves behind on your clothes. I know for a lot of people living with furry animals can be frustrating, especially since it can leave your wardrobe looking messy and unprofessional. Here is a few tips that I have come up with from personal experience to help you overcome your furry follies.

1. Lint-brush or Sticky lint-roller? This choice depends on your companion. If you have dogs, their fur is much more coarse and using a lint-brush will do just fine. Dog hair is also much more stiff, and can be brushed away a lot more easily. Although if you own a cat, their fur can be very soft and often staticy, so opting for a sticky lint-roller brush is best.

2. Keep your clothing high off the ground. Whether you have dogs or cats, its a lot easier for hair to get on them if clothing is kept near the ground. Personally, I have had many incidents where my kitten actually managed to climb inside my dresser drawers while they were closed. Needless to say, my black pants had miraculously turned grey. For this reason, I prefer to hang all of my clothing (especially blacks) so this doesn't happen again. Also, avoid leaving laundry baskets where your furry friends can access them; even though the clothes can be washed again, the fur will still be circulating in the washing machine.

3. Train your pets to stay off of the furniture. I think we have all experienced a time we have sat down on a couch, and when we have gotten up, our butts have been completely covered in fur. To get rid of this problem all together, train your pets to stay off of the furniture. You could also lay a blanket on your couch during the day, and remove it when the sitting area needs to be used. Lint-removing the sofa is also an option, but could get tedious day-in and day-out.

4. Always carry a mini lint-removal device in your purse/briefcase. If you own a lot of pets, or live in a small house, this is vital since pet hair will naturally be in the air. These individuals will also notice that even if they lint-roll inside their house, once they get to their destination, the fur will magically re-appear. This is when carrying a mini will be very helpful!

5. If worse comes to worse, use this little trick. If you're caught off guard without a lint-brush and have an important event to attend, get yourself to the nearest washroom. Then, wet your hands under the tap, and pat off the excess (just a little damp). All you need to do is pull the fabric taught and brush your clothing with your hands firmly in one direction, and you will start to see the pesky-pet hair clump up and roll right off. I have used this many times myself when I have been in a rush to leave the house and forget to brush off.

I hope this article was helpful for everyone! If you have any other comments or suggestions to do with pet hair, please leave them below to further help out. Thanks everyone!

Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater

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