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Beauty | The Top 10 Secrets To Recover Hair From A Night Out

Photographs of my hair before and after the routine below. Left is a photo of my hair the morning after my event, the right is a photo of my natural hair after the steps listed

Special events such as proms, weddings, dates, and other unique occasions often require a trip to the hair salon for a perfect styling- but they also require an intervention for your locks the next morning. Gunky styling products, scorching heat tools, and chemical-ridden hairsprays can suck the life from your hair, and if the proper action isn't taken, can even cause permanent damage. In order to combat the binge-abuse of a special-occasion hairdo, I have collected the top 10 secrets to treat even the most dry and brittle hair.

1. Don't rip through your hair with a brush. Although its tempting to get aggressive with your hairbrush, have some patience. If you have spent 20 minutes delicately grazing over the stubborn knots and they still won't come out, consider soaking your hair in the tub. This will loosen the grip of the hairspray, and you can then gently de-tangle your locks under the water.

2. Use a clarifying shampoo. Since you probably have used half a can of hairspray, as well as countless other styling products, you'll need to remove all of that gunk from your hair. Although clarifying shampoos can be drying, it will pay off since the harsh chemicals from the other products can do much worse damage. Try opting for a natural or organic shampoo that cuts back on the use of chemicals; we want to focus on natural ingredients in order to soothe our strands.

3. Pick a heavy-duty conditioner. In order to replenish the moisture in your hair, you must treat your hair with a good conditioner. If your hair is normally quite healthy, I recommend leaving the conditioner on for about 5-8 minutes. If you have colour treated or extremely damaged hair, opt for 10-15 minutes instead.

4. Treat your hair to a bath, not a shower. Although it can be tempting to just jump into a quick shower, taking the time to let your hair soak in the water is a better option. Trying to finger comb through your hair in the shower is much harder than in the tub. Also, make sure that the temperature of your bath is not too hot; scalding temperatures are detrimental to the life of your hair. Choose a moderately warm temperature.

5. Infuse your bath water. Just using conditioner on your hair usually isnt enough to help it return to normal, since this is most likely your everyday routine. What I like to do to add an extra kick of moisture to my hair (and skin, too!) is infuse my bath with different hydrating ingredients. These ingredients can include:

      -Milk: I use milk in my baths every time I run one, and can really help to moisturize the hair and skin. Using your regular milk is fine (even goats milk is a great option) and any percentage is fine. About 1 cup is enough for a regular bath. I do not recommend using lactose-free milk or soy milk for baths.

      -Rose Petals: The petals not only create a beautiful and calming scent, but the oils that are released into the water are a great source of moisture as well. This is a great addition for a hydrating bath.

      -Bath, facial, or body oil: Since most oils are simply packaged and sold on their own (ex. Marula Oil for face and body only contains 100% Marula seed oil), this means that they are safe for use on all areas of the body. I used my Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Cell Repair Night Oil which has a ton of different plant-derived oils. The beads will sit on the surface of the water and cling to your hair and skin, moisturizing them.

6. Don't blow-dry. Although it may be tempting to blow dry your hair afterwards, this will only start to reverse your previous efforts. Although its boring, air drying gives your strands a chance to recover. Towel-drying, gently brushing out your locks, and letting them sit is best.

7. Hydrate even further with a hair oil. Like before, this does not need to be a specified hair oil, it can be any type of pure flower or plant-based oil. Applying this while your hair is still damp will allow the oil to coat your strands, preventing the air from sucking moisture from them.

8. Refrain from heat styling, Again, boring! This will give your strands a significant amount of time to recover, and will prevent the damage from becoming permanent.

9. If you can spare it, try not to wash your hair as often for the next few days. Even washing and drying is damaging to your hair, and this is the proper steps to a great intervention. If your event is on a Friday night, wash your hair first thing Saturday morning and let it sit for the rest of the weekend.

10. Try not to have special occasions that often. Even if you do follow all of these tips, frequent damage to your hair will eventually break it down to a state in which it cannot be fixed. Try not to overdue it!

If you have any additional tips, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks so much for reading!

Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater

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