Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fashion | Amazing Prints: Skulls NYC Hats - E-Interview with Designer Ivan Jimenez

(left to right: Cherries!, Vegetable Attack!, If Life Gives You Lemons..., and Give Me That Ice Cream)

Skulls is a trendy and unique fashion hat company, designed and run by the amazing Ivan Jimenez. After contacting the company, I was able to receive a few of their awesome hats to review as well as have an opportunity to interview Ivan. Unlike many others in the industry who are solely driven by money, Jiminez is refreshingly humble about the topic. Read the exclusive interview down below to learn more about Ivan and how he runs things over at SKULLS.

If you have a chance, go and check out his website ( The web store has a ton of to-die-for prints, and I'm sure you'll find one that suits your unique style.

In all honesty, this 'Give Me That Ice Cream' hat on the far right was the one that I initially fell in love with. Being a huge sucker for bright colours, as well as having extremely sensitive eyes to the sun, you can understand my immediate love for this product! After receiving all of the hats compliments of Ivan (Thank-you!) my love was finally justified. Adorable prints aside, these hats are practical and durable, as well as very comfortable! A cute bonus: a few select hats have suede detailing on the brim, which adds a major luxury factor! Which one do you like the best?

After chatting with Ivan via E-mail, I discovered a few very interesting and unique things about him and the company. Check it out in this exclusive E-Interview below:

How did you come up with your brand name 'Skulls'?

Ivan: I have been always intrigued about secret societies. How they continue to control and manipulate society through a completely "in the open" approach. I built the store I had all black, with a hidden skull in the walls... it was this idea of a lodge. I then created the brand with the name and it stuck.

All of your merchandise' designs are very fun and colourful. Where does your inspiration stem from?

Ivan: I'm a 90's guy. I grew up with the whole Polo and all over graphics aesthetics. The idea of using fun and explosive "in your face" graphics has been my passion. Always, way before I was interested in fashion. My dressing style has always been really "normal" and my hats have always been the cherry on top to make a little bit of a fashion statement, so that's why.

In your 'ABOUT' section on your website, you mention 'I don't own a diamond watch or a Bentley. I don't want to either'; I also value a similar mindset. Has being humble helped your brand thus far? 

Ivan: It has helped me as a person to focus on whats important: Having fun and creating products I love, and doing things the way I love. Having a Bentley is great, but kids these days only focus on money, on the fame, and that's wrong, because you will never enjoy the ride. If you are meant to get there, you will get there no matter what, but if you just do things to own a car and a watch, everything else will look stupid in your eyes. Kids need to appreciate little things more, that's all.

I could not agree more with Ivan's last words! Enjoying the ride of life is essential in living a happy and truly fulfilling life. This conversation simply proves to me that when someone purchases his products, the money will not be going towards unnecessary material purchases. I feel very confident for Ivan and his personal success.

That is all! Thanks so much for reading through, and I hope you enjoyed this article. Talk soon!

Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater

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