Sunday, 2 June 2013

Fashion | "Outfit Of The Day" - Beach Day & O'Neill Pin It To Win It Contest!

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Today's Outfit Of The Day features an awesome surf brand called O'Neill, which was created in Northern California by Jack O'Neill and his family in 1952. The brand grew from a quaint surf shop into an international company in just a few years. I always love to see quiet and humble companies grow; I feel like they really deserve all the success they receive!

Today was extremely humid, but I wanted to get out so I decided to hit the beach on a walk. Although the water is still pretty cold here in Canada, I decided to wear this super cute bikini underneath my board shorts and coral t-shirt (not shown). I am absolutely in love with the print on this bathing suit, and think it looks so gorgeous with such bright colours! I also love the shorts since they're casual, comfortable, and very flexible. These items also kept me cool on such a warm day. I finished this super bright look with some neutral flip-flops in order to give the look some balance. I really wanted to showcase the swimsuit in this post.

Swim Top - Escape V-Bandeau
Swim Bottoms - Escape Tab Side
Shorts - Nox Boardshort in Aqua (similar here)
Shoes - Ojai Valley Flip-Flops

Interested in winning up $1,000 worth of O'Neill clothing through their Pin It To Win It campaign? Check out this amazing opportunity by clicking here; all you need to do is follow a few simple steps on Pinterest and you could be the winner! 

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Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater

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