Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fashion | Palladium Footwear For Spring/Summer 2013

I have just received my Palladium Pampa Oxford Lite's, and am loving them! The people over at Palladium kindly sent me this pair in pool blue/vapor, and this specific pair can also come in hot pink or bright yellow. I think the idea of bright colours is right on trend for Spring, and each pair is even individually stone-washed to offer a unique vintage look. I had a very hard time deciding which colour to choose!

As you can see, I chose a shorter shoe since Spring is well on it's way here (I live in Canada so I am just getting the first taste!). The shortness of this specific model allows me to wear it with any type of pant, which is definitely the versatility that I need. Since I tend to pick favourites when it comes to shoes, I wanted to make sure that this one would be just right no matter what I was wearing.

Another great characteristic about this shoe is it's lightweight feature. I will be honest with you- when I picked up the shoe box, I actually thought there was nothing inside! These shoes weigh a whopping 10oz, and are extremely easy to walk in. Since I am a pretty tiny girl, it can get irritating when shoes are heavier and weigh me down. I'm really pleased with the experience of walking in these.

This shoe also has a rubber outsole that can withstand hard durability and provide comfort on rough terrain. Since I am a country girl at heart and love being in nature, this feature will definitely come in handy for me! The lining is also moisture-wicking, which is a huge plus for me since my nature adventures often last longer than usual. This feature also lends itself to use without socks; it sounds unpleasant, but life can be unpredictable and being safe is much better than being sorry (meaning sweaty, stinky feet!).

I hope that you have learned a little bit more about these shoes and the wonderful features they showcase. If you are interested in this specific model of shoe, I will include a link below. Thank you so much for reading everyone! I hope you all have a spectacular day. Don't hesitate to comment if you have a question or concern!

Palladium's Pampa Oxford Lite's in Pool Blue/Vapor: 

Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater

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