Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Beauty | Sally Hansen "Airbrush Legs" Full Review

(ATTENTION: If you prefer a quick verdict for this product rather than reading all the deets, scroll to the bottom and read the handy numerical evaluation in bold. No need to thank me!)

Hello there! Today I am going to share with you the results from my review on the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs product in the shade Tan Glow. This is an at home spray-on tanning product which retails for approximately 10$ Canadian ($11.74 at Walmart). I will be judging this product based on it's ability to fulfill it's claims, and my overall experience with the product. This product claims that it will give you instant, flawless, and healthy looking legs. It also claims to be silky to the touch, be optically slimming, weightless, long-lasting, and transfer-resistant. Lets see how this product stands up to my review!

After getting into a safe location (outside in the grass is perfect) and popping the cap open, I began to spray my legs. Now ladies, do not be frightened! The product comes out very quickly, so you need to work in sections. Also, read the instructions; I did not, and thought that giving a quick, even spray would suffice. You really need to work the product in with your hands (don't worry, it washes off with soap afterwards so no oompa-loompa hands!). After applying this evenly onto my legs, I noticed a massive difference.

Upon immediate application, I noticed that the coverage was very impressive. Any marks or uneven colouring I had was sufficiently covered with product. It also seemed to even out my shameful shorts tan I started with. As for the blendability, I did struggle with getting my ankles and knees to look decent; the product streaked at the ankles and built-up at the knees. I would suggest getting a partner to make sure that your legs are completely even. I think the 'healthy legs' claim stood up moderately well. What do you think?

As for the other claims, the weightlessness of the product was moderately accurate; I knew something was on my legs, although it wasn't itchy or irritating, so I was perfectly fine with it. As for the claim of 'silky smooth' legs, I have to disagree entirely. This product felt rather chalky to the touch. Although it wasn't smooth, I still didn't have a problem with it; whos going to be touching my legs, anyways?

(My ultra-flattering leg shots! This is under artificial house lighting, opposed to natural light)

As for the optical slimming effect, It does the job. It is common knowledge that darker colours make an object recede, and lighter colours make an object protrude or become highlighted; so this does work! As for the transfer-resistant aspect- don't count on it! I had a moderate amount of transferring while doing this photo shoot, especially on my bathing suit bottoms! But not to worry; after washing the product off, my coloured bikini bottoms and even white bikini top were looking brand new in a matter of minutes. All I used was a little warm water and soap. Also, the colour was not too orange on my severely pale skin- a HUGE surprise for me!

Here is a quick review of the product numerically, judging by the claims and my experience, so you can get my overall impression:


Claims:                                                                                                     Personal Experience: 
Flawlessness: 5/10                                                                                   Smell: 5/10
Healthy-looking: 8/10                                                                               Convenience: 5/10
Smoothness: 2/10                                                                                     Price: 10/10
Slimming ability: 10/10                                                                             Overall Results: 6/10 
Long-Lasting: 5/10                                                                                    Repurchase?: 6/10
Transfer-resistance: 2/10                                                                          Recommend?: 2/10

Claims Results: 32/60                                                                               Personal XP Results: 34/60                                                     

Overall, this product is great for photo shoots, but not much else. If you don't mind a little inconvenience or transferring, the price is great and the colour is spot on.

Thanks for reading everyone! Please please let me know if this review was helpful, and if there is anything I could do better for next time! 

Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater

*Not a sponsored post. This product was not gifted to me, and all opinions are my own*


  1. I just purchased this product and wondered what it would be like. Your photo shoot is amazing I love the way you placed the container and the shoes are really cool. Who makes them

  2. Thanks! They are from Coach. Hopefully you like the product!