Monday, 8 July 2013 - The Next Generation Of Sexual Health & E-Interview With CEO Jillian Bice

Have you ever walked past a sleazy looking sex toy shop, and wondered who on earth would want to buy such a thing? Then, as you sneakily peer into the windows on your walk by, justify your own curiosity and interest with ideas of shame and temptation? Most women and men associate sex toy shops, online sex shops, and even some sexual information centers with promiscuous and disrespected reputations and individuals.

Jillian Bice has acknowledged this occurrence, especially in more “prime of life” individuals, and has created as a way to help educate that sexuality should not be shameful or boring, but instead is a wonderful, important part of life at any age! This website prides itself in providing sexual health and wellness information, tips, techniques, how to’s, sexual anatomy information, and a top of the line luxury sex toy shop to anyone who is curious (especially those in their 40's and above). All of this helpful information is presented in a tasteful and sophisticated web environment. All the luxury toys that they sell are completely body safe, well-engineered, and often quite visually appealing. Below I have included some detailed information on a wonderful sex toy that can be shared with your partner. Self-pleasure is often a very embarrassing thought for some, so having your trusted partner partake in these new experiences can really help get you going.

This toy is called the Lelo Tiani 2, and is perfect for couples who want to take their intimate relationship to the next level. This vibrator is a wonderful couples' toy that fits snugly in the woman’s vagina during lovemaking to enhance sensations for both partners. Although it sounds a little intimidating and complex, it was very simple to figure out. This particular toy comes with Lelo’s SenseMotion™ remote, a tool that wirelessly connects to the toy and is used to easily control the vibrator while it's being used. The remote has 2 motion modes that include vibration control through shaking, as well as vertical/horizontal vibration control which is my personal favourite. The remote also includes 6 pre-set vibration patterns, all of which can be adjusted to control vibration intensity. Learn more incredible details about this product here. As a relationship matures, it is crucial to keep the sex life fresh and interesting; I can vouch that this very luxurious product will definitely do the trick.

As promised in the title, I have managed to get an awesome E-Interview with's CEO Jillian Bice! Below is what we talked about: is a very thoughtful site that promotes sexual exploration in all women, those particularly in their 40's and above. How did you first discover these difficulties in women, and how did you think of creating such a website to help?

Jillian: Women in their 40s and above are generally from a generation where sex wasn’t discussed, or was thought to be dirty, naughty, bad, embarrassing, a duty, and so on. Knowledge of sexual anatomy was rare, and sex education in schools was virtually non-existent or somewhat useless! Because of this mindset, I truly believe it’s this generation that needs to be supported and encouraged to embrace and celebrate their wonderful sexuality. As a member of this demographic myself, I’m immersed in this mindset and speak from experience.

The idea to create was born last year when I became overwhelmingly aware of the numbers of open, fun, and bold conversations women were having because they’d read the 50 Shades of Grey books. Hearing these conversations in such numbers seemed to reflect the beginnings of a positive change in attitude and comfort around sexuality. And women seemed hungry for these conversations – they were fun, community building, eye opening and safely racy! The problem I saw, though, was that while these conversations were beginning to happen in large numbers, there didn’t seem to be an easy way to get information on sexual health and wellness for this age group, nor a place to shop in a sophisticated, smart online space for luxury sex toys. Most traditional bricks and mortar or online sex shops have a seedy feel that’s definitely not a welcoming space for this demographic. was created to meet what I saw as the need for expert, trusted information and luxury, well-made sex toys.

Although this website is geared toward women and their 'blooming' journeys, men can sometimes feel insecure and intimidated by these things as well (especially once they start aging). What is your advice for males who may be hesitant to explore themselves further, or who may be uneasy about bringing toys into the bedroom?

Jillian: I think the first step in any conversation around beginning to feel comfortable with sexual exploration is a conversation about permission. Many people feel guilty, ashamed, or embarrassed about exploring their sexuality. They need to be supported and empowered and told that human sexuality is a precious gift and one to be enjoyed in a healthy way. A sexually fulfilled life can be a rich life. I would advise men to find a trusted source of information and support and to move at a pace that is right for them.

Bringing toys into the bedroom can be easy for some, and very difficult for others. They can be seen as a wonderful addition to play, or intimidating competition that’s very hard to beat! And as men start aging, issues such as erectile dysfunction can bring their own set of challenges. Sex toys can play a welcome role in adding a new dimension of pleasure in many relationships. I also advise men (and women) to have an open conversation with their partners about introducing toys to their sexual play, and to understand what role these toys will play. We have a wonderful piece on about how to introduce sex toys into a relationship – this is a very helpful resource for those unsure about bringing toys on board.

As the CEO and Founder of, those around you must expect you to have a perfectly 'bloomed' life. Are you a full flower, or do you ever have struggles regarding your sex life?
Jillian: Wow, that’s a great question! Of course, I’d love to say I’m a full flower but, like most things in life, just when you think you have all the answers, something new comes along. So let’s just say I’m a confident flower, but still a work in progress.

Although the stigmas and reputation surrounding sexual exploration have improved greatly within the last 50 years, unfortunately they still remain in some areas (especially your target market of 40 and up). How do you handle those who don't agree with your philosophies about sexuality? 

Jillian: Although I’m passionate about my philosophies about sexuality, I also recognize that they’re just that: my philosophies. I never want Bloom to be about trying to push a philosophy, but we do want to open peoples’ minds to the idea that sexuality is a wonderful gift to be enjoyed. I see Bloom as a welcoming space designed to encourage people to learn about and explore their sexuality in a healthy, smart way. And quite honestly, since its inception, I've come across very little negativity around what we’re doing. I think once people understand our philosophy – that we’re all about sexy, healthy, smart lifestyles and we’re actually a warm, welcoming space – they’re pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they feel visiting us and seeing we’re not a big, wild place. We’re actually very sophisticated and pleasant!

Thank you so much for reading everyone! Feel free to leave a comment below with questions or concerns.

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