Wednesday, 14 August 2013

'We Can't Stop' Wondering: What's Happened To Miley Cyrus?

(Above: Screenshot from Miley Cyrus' new release 'We Can't Stop')

What has happened to Miley Cyrus? This is the question on most of our minds since the young musician released her latest single 'We Can't Stop'.

Miley established her career in 2006 when she was cast in the Disney series Hannah Montana, and found her niche when she recorded the soundtrack for one of the shows' movies. She decided to focus more on music after the success of this album, and naturally carried her fans over from one career to another.

(Above: Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana - Photo credit to

The problem with this method is that Miley was already established as a great role model for the young children who were fans of her series, which poses a huge problem considering her recent choices.

Miley began her downward spiral when she preformed at the Teen Choice Awards (2009) to Party In The USA and started pole dancing in mid act. Also in her 'Can't Be Tamed' music video, the superstar is seen provocatively dancing around a cage, touching herself inappropriately, and once again pole dancing.

(Above: Miley Cyrus at the Teen Choice Awards 2009 - Photo credit to

Although once the star released the new video 'We Can't Stop', we see that Miley has gone completely haywire. In the music video below, we see Miley wearing grills, grabbing other womens' behinds, twerking, and making sex/drug references. It is extremely clear that Miley is trying to shock the world regardless of her reputation, and it is working. The video's like to dislike ratio is at approximately half; ~700,000 to ~700,000. See what you think of the video for yourself and check it out below.

(Above: Miley Cyrus's new music video 'We Can't Stop')

Miley doesn't stop there, either. In her recent photo shoot with Terry Richardson, Miley continues to impliment her questionable behavior by twerking on the wall and touching herself through her jeans. You can see the two photos below.

(Above: Miley Cyrus at a Terry Richardson photo shoot - Photo credit to

I would personally love to discover if Cosmopolitan still supports the star, especially after the release of her new music video. Cosmopolitan featured Miley as their cover model for their March 2013 issue, right before Miley released her video. Cosmo, if you are reading- would you have reconsidered featuring Miley if you knew she would be displaying such controversial behavior in the future?

Miley, we get that you have grown up and can make your own decisions now; but with growing up and becoming an adult, there comes responsibility. You have millions of impressionable young fans out there watching your every move- Get it together girl!

Please sound off in the comments section below and tell me what you think of Miley Cyrus!

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  1. I really don't know a polite way to say this about a beautiful young girl who was such an inspiration to girls around the world. She has become a trashy slut and I hope her young impressionable followers have dropped her like a piece of trash she is

  2. Nothing new here at all. Sadly this is the path most young female pop stars seem have chosen to follow ever since Madonna blazed the trail. Too many to name all the stars who began their career light-hearted and fun and then changed tracks and became "trashy" and or "sleazy". Just from Disney there are examples, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera spring to mind. Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes etc etc etc. She's not the first and she will not be the last. They begin their career as positive role models, make a ton of money and then demand "artistic freedom" which is ALWAYS represented by exploiting their sexuality for further gain. And each one seems to believe that they are being shocking and or creative. It's not shocking at all really, it's just the same old trick.

    1. I completely agree! Of course I would love to respect her own opinion and choices, but the fact that she was already established as a role model for young children is something that I can't simply ignore. I think Hilary Duff should still be aired and promoted on Disney Channel; she was the only one who made it out 'alive'!