Monday, 16 September 2013

"Outfit Of The Day" - Comfy Fall Fashion

Hello! Today I was playing around with my wardrobe and stumbled across this combination, which I thought was very fall/autumn-y. Never before have I tried wearing chunky dresses, and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised! As a petite woman, it's easy to get lost in anything that's baggy or bulky. I also had a ton of fun shooting this look, especially since my mom was behind the camera (for the very first time). What do you think? Did she do a good job? 

Steal this look for yourself:
Sweater Dress - Majora
Knit Scarf - Giant Tiger
Belt - Sirens 
Black Tights 
Boots - Sirens

Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater

*Sirens does not have an online website, and the other items in this outfit I was not able to find online*


  1. Where is your sweater dress from? The links you provided aren't the same as the ones you have pictured.

    1. Most of the boutiques I shopped at last fall do not have websites online, so I cannot find a link. That is why I provide a 'similar' link, so my readers are still able to get the same look. In the next few weeks I will be doing some fashion hauls from mainstream places, so my new things will all have their correct links.

    2. By the looks of your blog I think you should re-evaluate the links you are posting especially if they're only similar because reading your blog it seems like the fun, young budget friendly looks for the most part and these links are ridiculous in price that you don't even seem to be wearing and nether are your readers! I would love some more OOTD your style is great just more realistic links to some similar outfits so we can duplicate! :)