Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Fall "Outfit Of The Day": Wine Is The New Black

Hello everyone! Today I am bringing you another fashion post, since most of you seem to love the inspiration! In this shoot, I decided to show off my new love for dark reds. I've been seeing these shades pop up all over the place, and thought that I would show you how to pull off the trend. Like with many other trends, adding them in by means of accessories is the easiest way to go (like with my purse). If you're digging the style even more, go ahead and add it into your staple pieces as well (but try to keep it to a minimum; you don't want to be too matchy). I am also making use of some clever fashion tricks I mentioned in my "How To Be Fashionable Without Breaking The Bank" post I wrote a few months ago. In the product list below you can see how I put these tricks to use!

Coach Handbag
Forever 21 Classic Tights
*Guess Sunglasses
*Sirens Cutout Skirt
Walmart Basic Cami
 *Giant Tiger Riding Boots

(these boots are not listed online, but you can definitely find them in-store for $40 Canadian!)

Thanks so much for checking out another Fall OOTD, and hope you stick around for more. Also, be sure to check back in a few days when my #Bloggoween Halloween tutorial goes live!

Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater

(All items marked with a * indicate that the item is no longer available online/in stores, and a similar item may be linked.)

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