Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Last Minute Pikachu Halloween Costume & Makeup

Here is a last minute costume for those of you with Halloween parties on the 1st and 2nd this year. This is a great costume option if you and your significant other would like matching costumes; all your man needs to do it throw on a red hat, white tank and a blue vest and you're ready to go as Ash and Pikachu!

      Step One: After your usual foundation routine, apply some thick winged liner and a few coats of mascara. Afterwards, line your water line with a white liner pencil and go under your lash line lightly with the liquid liner.

      Step Two: Get Pikachu's big red cheeks by applying some red lipstick or red cream blush to your cheeks in two perfect circles.

      Step 3: Draw a small upside down triangle on your nose with liquid liner. If you like, you can draw a sideways "3" shape on your upper lip like I have above, or you can leave your lips bare. The lips did take me a while, so if you're in a rush, just skip it!

Below I have given you an example of what you could wear. This example also gives you an idea of what the make-up looks like without the "3" mouth.

So there you go! Leave a comment below telling me what you're going to be this Halloween, and post a picture on my Facebook page if you go as Pikachu! Thanks so much for reading and have a great day.

Kaylee Slater,
Divine No.7

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