Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Advice | How Do You Look To Complete Strangers?

 This video really did hit home with me. As women we are so critical of and are often extremely harsh to ourselves, and it shows with only a meek 4% of women worldwide considering themselves 'beautiful'.

The women that were describing themselves were focused mostly on the negative aspects of themselves, and thus the artist sketched a very dark and unattractive picture. Although when the acquaintances of these people described them, the picture that was sketched was bright and beautiful, and much happier than it's counterpart. This is a real sign that women need start being more kind to themselves, and start focusing on what they do have rather than what they lack.

I hope this was an eye-opener for anyone who has watched this video. Please love and be kind to yourself everyday!

Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater

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