Saturday, 20 April 2013

Health | How To Drink More Water

If you are anything like me, drinking water is a huge hassle. I often confuse thirst for hunger, I forget that I need to drink water, and when I do drink, I really don't enjoy it at all. So, in order to help me and other people who may be suffering from the same problems, I created a few tips in order to help us get our eight glasses in!

1. Carry a water container with you throughout your day. This will be much cheaper than having to dole out extra cash for individual bottles of water, and simply the presence of your bottle will be a reminder that you should drink up! Also, sporting a cute canister can also encourage you to bring it along with you, so try to pick one up you would like to show off.

2. Follow mini-goals throughout your day, not one big goal. I find that taking on a bigger task, such as 'I need to finish this entire canister of water by the end of the day', is pretty challenging to stick to. This is why having a water container comes in handy; in order to create helpful smaller goals, we can mark the bottle at what time of day we need to finish so much water. Here is an example of mine. As you can see, it makes the process a lot more manageable!

3. Infuse your water. This is a huge factor for me! Whenever I infuse my water with flavours and fruits such as lemon juice, citrus slices, or any other fruit, I immediately want to drink more. This seriously takes the boring out of drinking all that water, and it actually makes it enjoyable. If you are going to use the water container tips as well as this one, keep in mind that the fruit will start to disintegrate through the day. In order to prevent this, I just like to use the fruit juices if I am taking the canister with me. Yummy!

4. Motivate yourself. If by any chance you hate canisters, mini-goals, and fruit, you can always begin to motivate yourself in other ways. For some girls, looking at role models helps them achieve their goals; for others, it's having a little friendly competition with their coworkers or peers. Whatever works for you, do it!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other interesting tips for drinking more water; I could really use them! Thanks for reading everyone!

Luck & Love,
Kaylee Slater


  1. very good point, everyone should be aware of, especially working at a seated job where you may often forget to hydrate.
    I was given a bottle to infuse water with as a housewarming gift, and so far it has been a delicious one. It takes away the work for removing seeds and pulp.It's bizarrely named the 'Aqua Zinger', but for summer, it will be amazing I am sure.

    1. That sounds really convenient and a very thoughtful gift. I'm glad you enjoyed the post!